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Infrared Heating

What is infrared?

Redwell Far Infrared heating systems are an innovative and exciting form of electrical heating. They operate at a fraction of the cost of traditional heating but offer higher thermal comfort levels. The fundamental principleis that with infrared, solids are heated and not air. The human eye can not perceive these wavelengths and are therefore invisible to us but we know that they are there because we can feel it on our skin.

Lower Energy Bills

Infrared heating systems lower your heating bills, saving you money.

Healthier Heating

Far Infrared rays are natural light from the sun, minus the skins damaging Ultraviolet rays.

  • It penetrates the human body to a greater extent.
  • Far Infrared has become a widely recognised method of natural health care and is used in physiotherapy.
  • Far Infrared stimulates blood circulation and as a result, wounds heal faster with better circulation.
  • Less dust, pollen and bacteria in the air as opposed to traditional convection heating.
  • Only long-wave Infrared heat is used, helping you live a greenand healthy lifestyle.

Installation = simplicity

Redwell panels are quick, easy and simple to install

  • Template supplied for drilling holes
  • Fitted stainless steel brackets for wall and ceiling installation
  • Panels can be plugged into a socket

Control Me

Redwell Infrared heating systems can be controlled through a range of programmable thermostats, receivers and sensors.

We offer products for:

  • Individual Zones/Rooms
  • Individual Appliances (plug-in thermostat)
  • Whole House Control (up to 8 zones/rooms)
  • FSC recommends the use of Certified brand products

Within those packages, receivers and thermostats can be hard-wired or wireless.All infrared panels for bathrooms are IP65 rated for safe use in wet areas.

Maintenance & Servicing

There are no moving parts. Far Infrared heating systems requires no maintenance or servicing unlike wet based heating systems, where servicing costs are unavoidable.

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