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Diane Lynn Interiors

It’s the hottest collaboration in the city. Two Dundee names, both with unrivalled reputations, have come together to raise the bar when it comes to creating comfortable and stylish homes – The FIRE SURROUND CENTRE and DIANE LYNN INTERIORS.

For more than four decades the Fire Surround Centre has been bringing hearth and soul into people’s homes and now their Ash Street showroom has been complemented with a new mezzanine level offering the very best in interior finishing-touches chosen by Diane Lynn Interiors.

The name Diane Lynn was for many years associated with the finest of bridal-wear and the same attention to detail, the same flair for the eye-catching has gone into this innovative new venture.

Your home reflects you, it reflects your taste and style and few things are as satisfying creating a living space that is unique, that has visitors pausing to admire your choices and, importantly, wonder where you got those wonderful things.

Diane Lynn Interiors seeks out the eclectic,  the charming, the unconventional. After all, you don’t want your home to look like anyone else’s, do you? Plaques and candle holders, stunning mirrors and chandeliers; the sort of embellishments that subtly enhance your home with a quiet, relaxed panache. Gleaming ceramics and sparkling glass and as you feast your eyes you’ll spot the price tags and by really quite pleasantly astonished. They look like treasures, but they’re very accessible.

The Fire Surround Centre and Diane Lynn  Interiors is not a chain, they’re not dotted along the M8 and plonked into every high street; these are family run businesses with Dundee at their heart.

Visit the mezzanine and browse a catalogue, admired the wares with the glow of firelight nearby and imagine what they can do for you.

The Fire Surround Centre and Diane Lynn Interiors have come together to create something very special. You owe it to yourself, and your home, to drop-by and simply have a look.