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Defra is NOT banning wood-burning stoves (Feb 2020)

Damagingly, following an announcement made by Defra this morning, some of the press are inaccurately reporting the potential ban on wood-burning stoves. This is not true.

Defra is only concerned with stopping the sale of fuels that are unsustainable and damaging to our planet, in particular, bituminous house coals and wood in volumes under 2m3 with a moisture content over 20%.

Like Defra, we advocate only the burning of logs with a moisture content of less than 20%. Using this dry wood on a modern EcoDesign Ready stove is proven to lead to better air quality by improving efficiency and significantly lowering particulate emissions (PM2.5).

If you have any uncertainties, speak to us!

We’re working with the Stove Industry Alliance to correct inaccuracies such as these and keep you up-to-date with the facts!